Firma Clinical Selected as a 2018 Top Innovator by CenterWatch

||Firma Clinical Selected as a 2018 Top Innovator by CenterWatch

Firma Clinical Selected as a 2018 Top Innovator by CenterWatch

Firma recognized for improving patient centricity and enhancing patient experience
in clinical trials

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — JANUARY 09, 2018 — Firma Clinical Research, an ISO quality management-certified clinical research organization (CRO), is pleased to announce their selection as a 2018 Top Innovator by CenterWatch. Firma was recognized as part of the 25th anniversary special edition of CenterWatch Monthly for innovations to improve patient centricity and enhance the patient experience within clinical trials.

The Firma Research Remote Visit Service (RVS) allows sponsors and CROs to offer clinical trials to patients who otherwise may not have the option to participate given their schedule or the traditional protocol requirements of frequent office visits. By enabling protocol visits to be conducted in patient homes or other convenient or non-traditional locations, patients across multiple therapeutic and demographic populations may be more open and available to participating in a clinical trial.

Firma was featured along with 20 other industry innovators, including pharmaceutical development companies, researchers, private organizations, and individuals who are changing the face of the clinical trials industry. In its announcement, CenterWatch notes that nearly half of the submissions centered around patient engagement activities, suggesting the growing importance of patient-centric initiatives in clinical research.

“We’re honored to be recognized as a Top Innovator by CenterWatch, reflecting the hard work, thought, and continuous enhancement of this service our team undertakes in collaboration with sponsors, sites, and patients. It’s gratifying to see these efforts and benefits to drug developers and patients being recognized as a Top Innovation by a group as distinguished as CenterWatch,” said Michael Keens, Firma’s Chief Operating Officer. “Our talented team will continue collaborating with sponsors, sites, and patients to examine additional innovations to increase patient convenience and high-quality data collection through integrated use of sites, patient homes, and technology applications.


About CenterWatch

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About Firma Clinical Research

An ISO 9001:2015 quality-certified organization, Firma Clinical supports the drug development efforts of pharmaceutical and biotech companies through advanced in-home patient visits, data management & biostatistics, clinical operations, and regulatory affairs/medical writing. Built on decades of clinical leadership and expertise, Firma is dedicated to a collaborative approach that accelerates the development of safe and effective treatments for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. For more information, please visit



Press Contact: Michael Keens, Chief Operating Officer
Twitter: @FirmaClinical

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