Yourway and Firma Join Forces for Coordinated Clinical Trials Supply Delivery

|||Yourway and Firma Join Forces for Coordinated Clinical Trials Supply Delivery

Yourway and Firma Join Forces for Coordinated Clinical Trials Supply Delivery

Yourway, an integrated premium courier and clinical packager in the global clinical trials supply chain market, and Firma Clinical Research, the niche service provider for patient-centric home healthcare, are joining forces to provide coordinated supply and product deliveries and administration services for virtual/decentralized clinical trials. The collaboration between the two clinical study service providers supports patient retention and compliance, while also helping CROs and sponsors improve the efficiency of clinical trial management.

Yourway and Firma are working together to ensure a seamless process for the delivery of supplies and drugs needed for in-home visits to clinical trial patients. In addition, collected bodily samples and other materials are shipped from the patient’s home through a courier. In-home patient care is performed by an approved healthcare provider.

This patient-centric approach of Yourway and Firma assures delivery, protocol compliance and data quality. The collaboration between the two companies extends through 2020.

“Yourway has served the biopharma industry for more than two decades, and we are proud to collaborate with Firma Clinical to help improve the patient experience for in-home health visits for clinical trials,” says Gulam Jaffer, President, Yourway. “We offer direct-to-patient and direct-from-patient services globally, including shipments that require ambient to frozen temperatures and controlled substances. These services are making virtual and decentralized clinical trials possible.”

“Firma is committed to the needs of patients, sponsors and healthcare professionals by providing in-home care for clinical trials that often involve investigational products (IP),” says Michael Woods, CEO, Firma Clinical Research. “Firma has completed thousands of home health visits in 45 countries, and about 40 percent include the administration of IPs. We take a patient-centric approach to our services and often work with advocacy groups to collect patient survey data for sponsors.”

About Firma Clinical Research

Firma is a niche service provider with a patient-centric approach to unlocking positive outcomes in the drug and medical device development process. Using an integrated suite of specialized solutions, Firma makes the clinical trials process easier and more valuable for patients and produces higher-quality data for sites and sponsors. For more information, visit the company at or follow Firma Clinical Research on Twitter or LinkedIn.

 About Yourway

Founded in 1997, Yourway is the only truly integrated premium courier and clinical packager, providing full range of primary and secondary clinical packaging, ancillary materials sourcing, logistics, storage and distribution, and premium courier services serving the global biopharmaceutical industry. Headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania, with a global network of fully managed GMP depots worldwide, Yourway is an agile and reliable partner with over 22 years of experience. Visit

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