We adapt responsively to change in your clinical trial to minimize risk and drive quality outcomes.

Clinical research is complicated and it’s easy to get off track due to inexperienced project leaders, inflexible workflows, or the failure to identify risks before they become issues. We derive expert insights from evidence-based processes and strategic services to be the driving force behind quality outcomes, including optimized data, patient safety, reduced time-to-market, and operational savings.

How We Do It

We are a quality-certified CRO supporting the drug development efforts of pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Built on decades of clinical leadership and expertise, we are dedicated to a collaborative approach that accelerates the development of safe and effective treatments.

Corporate Values

Our flexibility allows us to staff projects with industry experts in response to your specific trial needs. We tailor workflows and processes to consistently adapt to the dynamic changes inherent in clinical research. LEARN MORE »

We act as an extension of your team, relaying status updates as well as providing evidence-based recommendations to keep projects on track. We proactively initiate transparent, collaborative communication throughout the trial lifecycle. LEARN MORE »

We provide a thoughtful and purposeful approach to every project by integrating data-centric processes with clinical expertise. Our experts lead teams designed with a focus on key clinical capabilities and specialized services that add intrinsic value along the way. LEARN MORE » 

Our leaders have extensive experience from all aspects of the global drug development industry. We apply this diverse foundation of knowledge to strategically plan your project, and identify and mitigate potential risks to enable informed decision-making and project success. LEARN MORE »

As an ISO 9001:2015 quality-certified organization, we consider quality to be a service provided to all our clients. We build quality into our workflow and processes to help you meet your end goals. LEARN MORE » 

Strategic Clinical Services

H2O Clinical is now a part of Firma Clinical Research

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