Statistical Programming

Customized & Compliant

Exceptional statistical programming that combines standardization and creative customization for the utmost efficiency, suitability, and accuracy.

Efficient & Accurate Programming.
Submission-ready or Exploratory Studies.

Integrity and data cleanliness are at the core of Firma’s statistical programming to help ensure submission success. Get accurate, scientifically sound, high-quality results with flexible data capture and a Quality by Design (QbD) process with QC and double programming built in.





Fully Compliant

Every dataset is fully CDISC compliant and includes SDTM, SDRG, ADaM, ADRG, define.xml, and P21 validator.

High-Level Statisticians

Programming works in concert with the Biostatistics team to inform and QC analysis datasets, tables, listings, and figures (TLFs) before final statistical review.

Double Programming

Independent programmers use our proprietary macro and all results are QCed and validated by a cross-functional team.

Customized & Efficient

Every study is unique, that’s why we utilize the latest advances in biostatistics to customize programming for statistically sound and medically meaningful analysis.

Dedicated to Flexibility & Accuracy.

Firma emphasizes quality and provides above-and-beyond service to facilitate your submission package. Our statistical programming is efficient and accurate but is also designed to make sense of the data so study teams can better understand an investigational drug’s efficacy, safety, and more.

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Find out how Firma uses a lifecycle approach and why it is key to delivering a compelling, easily understood data story to the FDA for rapid approval and accurate labeling.

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