Diversity in Clinical Trials

A more diverse patient population starts with a more accessible clinical trial.

Don’t let distance to site, ability to travel, or socioeconomic status determine who gets to participate in your clinical trial.

Clinical Trial Visits.
For Everyone.

Welcome a broader spectrum of patients to your clinical trial and make it easier to align clinical trial demographics with disease epidemiology. Firma’s home trial services enable clinical trial participation for all patients, anywhere.




Geographic Flexibility

Removing the geographical constraints of traditional clinical trials means a broader patient pool. Firma offers home trial services coast-to-coast domestically and in more than 56 countries worldwide.

Financial Sensitivity

Traveling to and from sites for every protocol visit can be a financial burden on participants. Bringing protocol visits to the patient can eliminate the cost concerns, opening up participation for patients regardless of socioeconomic status.

Eliminate Limitations

Firma’s home trial services allow easy access to care for challenging patient populations, those with physical or scheduling limitations who may have been previously dissuaded from participation.

Rare & Degenerative Diseases

Building an inclusive clinical trial for people with rare or degenerative diseases can be especially challenging for study teams. Firma has extensive experience accessing these populations and aiding them with study completion.

Equitable & Representative Clinical Trials

Home health visits can eliminate many of the common barriers to participation that limit recruitment efforts, enabling a more equitable and representative study, and providing critical elements to any patient population.​

Let’s Talk

Make participation in clinical trial research easier and more valuable for patients, and find your perfect DCT, patient-centric fit with a custom home trial services program.

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