Expanding Site Reach. Simply.

Home health care designed to support your study team, so you can support your patients.

You’re dedicated to the wellbeing of your patients – and so are we. Firma sources and trains nurses, phlebotomist, and other clinical service providers to complete simple protocol visits at locations convenient and comfortable for the clinical trial participants. At no cost to you or your patients.

Do more with…more.

In today’s age of complex trials and increasingly strict eligibility criteria, Firma’s home trial services have become an indispensable tool for leading sites. 

Our role is simple: Enhance your recruitment, retention, and engagement by expanding your reach and multiplying your efforts.


Enroll more patients

Access a larger
geographic area

Increase participant comfort

Focus on high-value visits

Skilled Nurses

Firma’s home trial providers are a ready-made workforce that serves as an extension your site, and all Firma’s support staff are experienced clinical trial technicians.

Better Compliance

Patients are more compliant to study protocols and are more likely to remain in a trial longer when they have the option for at-home visits.

Trained to Your Protocol

Each home trial provider completes an intensive, trial-specific training program designed on the protocol, central laboratory manual, CRF, and Firma’s extensive field experience –  and has to pass a protocol comprehension test with a score of 100%.

Patient-centric Experience

Traveling to a site isn’t always feasible for the patients you need the most. And some are simply hesitant. Give your recruitment efforts a boost and increase adherence by offering participants Firma’s premium experience.

Comprehensive Coordination 

Firma provides comprehensive logistical coordination while the PI retains full oversight of the study, patients, and home healthcare providers. Communication is key in every home trial program so Firma also provides a Home Trial Coordinator to run point, and patient education materials so the site staff can focus on core study activities.

“We have relied heavily on Firma to draw patient labs and ship them overnight to us at study lab sites. Several patients are international, so it is not a small accomplishment to get the labs to us overnight and in time for appropriate safety and efficacy monitoring. We simply could not carry out our studies without the remarkable dedication and professionalism of Firma.” 

– Principal Investigator, Large Academic Medical Center

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Free up schedule and staff so you can accept more high-value visits while making participation in clinical trial research easier for patients.

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