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Functional Service Provider (FSP) Outsourcing

Our expertise on your terms.

Highly Trained Data Specialists.
On Day One.

Access deep biometric expertise and remain responsive to your pipeline. Firma’s FSP model makes our highly trained data professionals available as a rapid, cost-effective resource to complement your internal team. So you can speed, scale, and support your clinical trial performance with a flexible data team.

Flexible FSP Team. Optimal Timing.

Managing time and resource pressures are key elements of optimizing clinical trials. A flexible FSP engagement gives you complete control to assemble and manage the ideal team with just the right expertise–and closely collaborate on critical paths.

Strong Collaboration

FSPs function as members of your own in-house team resulting in more efficient collaboration and rapid pivoting as needed to support your clinical development program.

Deep Expertise

Access specialized knowledge, cutting edge statistical methodology or biometric approaches, and deep therapeutic expertise with an experienced, PhD- or MS-level FSP.


Many clinical trial needs are cyclical but independent contractors can be hard to manage. Our FSP model gives you a scalable workforce and the trusted partnership and oversight Firma is known for.


Ramp up or ramp down. Add resources to meet submission timelines. Increase visibility and most closely control quality. With a dedicated functional team from Firma, you can achieve peak flexibility to optimize your needs.

Is an FSP Model Right for You?

Firma’s flexible engagements include FSP, project-based, strategic consulting, creative partnerships, and more so you always get exactly the support you need for efficient portfolio management. Find out if functional service provider outsourcing is right for you.