Achieving Clinically Meaningful Treatment Efficacy Summaries: A COVID-19 Case Study

Dr. L.J. Wei¬†explores the importance of appropriate endpoints and survival analysis methods in critical care studies. Critical care studies, especially those that are short-term, are up against a data analysis challenge when recovery or improvement rate is determined to be a primary or secondary endpoint and death is a competing risk. Unfortunately, the most commonly […]

Real-World Data Use in Clinical Trials Can Yield Real Benefits

Firma leadership was interviewed by Jenni Spinner about real-world data (RWD) in an article for Outsourcing Pharma this month. SUMMARY: Using real-world data (RWD) can be challenging, but the benefits include being able to collect data from a wider patient population. Besides being easier and more efficient to collect, RWD can help drug developers verify […]

In-Home Services Boost Patient Centricity

Melissa Nezos was interviewed by Jenni Spinner about the latest in patient centricity in an article for Outsourcing Pharma earlier this year. SUMMARY: Prior to the pandemic, decentralized clinical trials were not widely utilized and were mainly performed by innovation groups at big pharma companies or as targeted special projects. In an Outsourcing-Pharma article, Melissa […]